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Multani mitti may also be known to have many beneficial properties.

  • It may show anti-acne property  
  • It may have anti-inflammatory property  
  • It may demonstrate astringent activity    
  • It may have absorbent property    
  • It may exhibit antimicrobial property    
  • It may show skin brightening property

Potential Uses of Multani Mitti:  

Multani mitti is a beneficial herb for many common ailments. 

Potential Uses of Multani Mitti for Skin:  

Multani mitti can help tone the skin. As a result, wrinkles, loose skin, and other signs of ageing can be slowed down, if not reversed. Multani mitti may achieve this by increasing skin elasticity and making it more robust. It may be cooling herb with a skin-soothing effect.

Multani mitti is an excellent remedy for skin bothered by hot temperatures and sunburns. This cooling effect occurs quickly and lasts for a long time. Multani mitti may often be used to improve the complexion. It may also have some effecr on scars. It may help with suntan and pigmentation. However, such effects need to be ascertained by further research.

How to use Multani Mitti? 

Multani mitti can be used in various forms;5, 

  1. Multani mitti with water 
  2. Multani mitti with milk 
  3. Multani mitti with glycerin 
  4. Multani mitti with rose water 
  5. Multani mitti with coconut oil or olive oil 
  6. Multani mitti with lemon juice and honey face pack  
  7. Multani mitti face pack 
  8. Multani mitti with papaya 
  9. Multani mitti soap 
  10. Multani mitti body wash