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A good antioxidant, we know that Q10 occurs naturally in our skin, plays a role in how our cells produce ATP (cellular energy) and that our reserves deplete as we age.

NIVEA ran a study that proved topical Q10 can encourage your skin to produce more fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. I also found a Japanese study that saw a reduction of wrinkles in skin that used a 1% Q10 serum for five months. While it’s not as proven or ‘sterk‘ as something like retinol, it is promising stuff at an affordable price tag without risk in regards to skin irritation if you don’t use it carefully. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from using it in tandem with other anti-agers. For example, you could consider it a daytime antioxidant serum underneath a moisturiser with sunscreen and then apply your ‘hard guns’ anti-agers before bed or on ‘in door’ days. (That’s pretty much how I tend to roll.)