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Those stunning selfies you’ve seen all over Instagram aren’t impossible to achieve. With a front-facing camera, preferably natural lighting, and some basic skincare products, you have everything you need for a good selfie. I’ve also found that a nice smoothing serum and a light sunscreen to add some sheen make a world of difference when you’re taking pictures in that golden hour light — and after copious searching, I finally discovered a serum that makes my skin look flawless in selfies, no filters necessary.

Enter: Babor’s Perfect Glow Ampoule Concentrates. It’s a 7-day skincare system by the German cosmetics company Babor, which specializes in sustainable beauty. As the name would suggest, the Perfect Glow ampoules are designed to give your skin a natural glow and protect it from any dehydrating pollutants . One package comes with seven ampoules, and you’re instructed to apply the contents of one ampoule onto your face and neck every day, morning or night, for seven days. After applying the serum, Babor recommends following up with a moisturizer.

I’ve found that using the seven-day system once a month helps me achieve a glowier complexion than ever before, regardless of whether I already applied the ampoule that day or not. In fact, the brightening effects last long enough that even when I haven’t used the serum system for a month, I still notice a glowy sheen on my skin. This is likely due to the light-reflecting pigments included in the formula, which work to even out skin tone and fade old acne scars and dark marks (two skin woes I definitely deal with)y. It also helps my makeup go on smoother, which is a big bonus when I do choose to wear foundation or concealer. (That said, I barely need to anymore thanks to this product.)