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The machine cuts millimeter (cuts only 4 or 8 mm) with security the ends, those tips doubles undesirable, dual / resected /damaged / dry, the hair is more sensitized / damaged, and the best does not strip any length centimeter.


Split-Ender PRO
1/8″ Trim Setting & 1/4″ Trim Setting
Cleaning Brush
Styling Comb
2 Hair Clips
Instruction Manual
Power Adaptor-UK Charging Cable (Bi-Volt 110-240 Volts)
Deluxe Carrying Bag


The Split Ends makes called Cut Embroidery, trim only the wires that are outside the hair outline, those resected or double pointed tips that are satay with that frizz throughout the hair. With dry and slick hair, separate a thin hair strand, and pass the machine at least 3 times, as if to use a board to smooth,





it is recommended that you make the cut embroidery every 60 / 90 days.