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Description: Nourishing and moisturizing! Silky, nourished and smooth skin. Gentle care for blooming and radiant skin. Brings moisture for skin cells and improves their tone. Hydra essence. No injections. Just apply for absorption by the skin no injections needed. Moisturizes. Nourishes. For radiant skin. Gentle skin care. Skin is hydrated and smooth. No injections. It works with applying the essence on your skin for absorption. No more injections for astonishing beauty. Moisturizing ingredients: Sodium with natural ingredients leave your skin hydrated and smooth. Easy to use: Smear-type water essence is easy to use and carry. Skin care begins from hydration. 1 g of hyaluronic acid is equal to 1000 cc of water. This essence is rich of the acid so your skin gets supple and smooth. Hydrates. Nourishes. Hyaluronic acid. Nourishing ingredients. Nourished and smooth skin. Gentle skin. Do you want to have smooth skin. You need our 24 k gold hydra essence. Silky water for smooth skin. Natural nourishing ingredients. Restores damages skin cells. Advanced skin care. Clean, delicate and hydrated skin. Replenishes moisture in skin.