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Our lips take a beating no matter the season, but the best lip masks — a special breed of intensely conditioning formulas — can beat dryness and get lips back to their best selves by soothing, softening, pampering, and plumping. When your lips need a deep dose of TLC, lip masks are formulated to last even longer than your favorite lip balms (thanks to emollients like hyaluronic acid, moisturizing ingredients like natural oils, and ceramides) so you don't have to reapply so often. Recently, we've noticed an influx of lip masks hitting the market, and we've had the chance to put some of the very best to the test. 

For instance, there are collagen-infused gel patches that feel like a sheet mask for your mouth and a sublime pink clay formula from lip-care connoisseur Sara Happ — virtually something for everyone no matter your masking M.O. There's even a top-selling agave-infused lip mask that comes in a pink tint for daytime use. Naturally, we had to share our favorites so that all of you can fall in love with the self-care treatment, too. 

Ahead, find 15 of the best lip masks of every variety — balms, gels, and sheets. Slather on these moisturizing lip treatments while you sleep, mid-commute, or whenever you need long-lasting hydration. Then, get ready for smoother, softer-looking lips.